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calaway solutions


Calaway Solutions is a specialized 3RD party unbiased Green Energy Services company. We provide our customers with the highest level of service and expertise. Our services include Non-Destructive Testing, Maintenance Audits, drone flights and inspections (indoor and outdoor), Asset and Blade Recycling, and consultation services.

Industries we serve globally:

  • Wind (onshore and offshore)
  • Solar
  • Gas
  • Steam Power Generation
  • Chemical
  • Recycling & Demolition
  • and Others
“My experience with Garrett and Calaway Solutions has always been exceptional. When anything is needed on one of the wind farms, Garrett and his company are the first group I think of to reach out to. I enjoy working with Garrett; we always have great communication back and forth about what we need and would like to see.”
Luke McCandless

Wind Regional Site Operations Manager, aes


Our Specialty

Inspection Services:

  • Maintenance Audits
  • End of Warranty
  • 360 Point Visual Inspection

Environmental Services:

  • Blade Recycling
  • Demolition
  • Metal Recycling

Linear Inspections:

  • In-Depth Feeder View
  • Real-Time Sync & Tasks
  • On-Demand Task Creation

Our FAA licensed pilots can complete drone inspections

Drone inspection reduce man-hours and downtime of your asset.

Thermal imaging is available.

Wind turbine blade inspections can be completed in 20 minutes or less.

Multiple reporting options are available depending on the needs of your project.

Safer than traditional rope access inspections.

Solar panel drone inspections are up to 46% cheaper than traditional manual inspections.

Our inspections are repeatable so each turbine is inspected the same.

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