Linear Inspections

Automate Your Transmission Line Inspection Workflow:

Calaway stands at the forefront of transforming how the utility and renewable energy sectors approach inspection automation and data management. This innovative platform empowers customers to streamline asset operations and maintenance (O&M) strategies, enabling them to make informed, stress-free decisions.

In the face of traditional inspection methods, utility companies often find themselves navigating a maze of inefficiencies. Regular inspections of distribution systems are not only time-consuming and costly but are also mired in manual processes that present numerous challenges. From the collection of vast quantities of images to data management and cross-service collaboration, these operations typically rely on static folders or reports. This disjointed approach results in a critical gap: collected information, though extensive, fails to connect directly with the assets it pertains to, rendering it effectively unusable for strategic decision-making.

At Calaway, we introduce UNITI, our partner company Thread’s cutting-edge cloud-based solution crafted to enhance workflow efficiency for utility companies tasked with managing essential powerline infrastructure. UNITI offers a comprehensive platform where customers can automate asset inspections, gather important imagery and data, and conduct in-depth analyses of specific information, all within a unified system.

  • In depth Feeder View
  • Real-Time Sync & Tasks
  • On-Demand Task Creation
  • Execute the Mission

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