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Assisting businesses in effectively maintaining their eco-friendly energy equipment, systems, and processes since 2012.


  • NDT – Non Destructive Testing
  • Borescope-Endoscopic Work
  • Ultrasonic
  • Infrared Scans
  • Weld Testing
  • Dye Pentrant Testing
  • Linear Inspections

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““I have hired Calaway Solutions as project scopes required for industrial drone imagery over Oil Refineries, Chemical plants, and wind farms. We were extremely pleased with the attention to detail and customer service each time we worked with Garrett and Calaway Solutions. The work Garrett and the team have completed always included a project plan to match the scope, timeline, and safety requirements that our clients demand.
The quality of work and attention to detail and far above other contractors used in the past. In short, Calaway Solutions has set the bar for quality and safety required for our drone partners worldwide.””
Rob Smith

Head of Americas, ZynQ360

who we are

Calaway Solutions

Calaway Solutions is committed to offering a complete range of services for the upkeep and restoration of renewable energy systems. Our knowledgeable and proficient team of experts excels in areas such as gear box and up-tower repair, IMS assembly, and re-sleeving high-speed upwind bearing bores. Prioritizing quality and efficiency, we are well-equipped to tackle intricate technical issues and guarantee the best performance for wind energy assets. By utilizing our skills and adhering to top industry standards, Calaway Solutions strives to assist clients in optimizing the durability and dependability of their green energy investments, ultimately promoting a more sustainable future.

General Services:

Calaway Solutions is dedicated to providing comprehensive services for the maintenance and repair of renewable energy systems. Our experienced and skilled team of experts specializes in gear box and up-tower repair, IMS assembly, and re-sleeving high-speed upwind bearing bores. With a strong focus on quality and efficiency, we are equipped to address complex technical challenges and ensure optimal performance of wind energy assets.

  • Gear Box and Up Tower Repair
  • IMS Assembly – Turnkey Optional
  • High Speed Assembly – Turnkey Optional
  • Re-Sleeving High Speed Upwind Bearing Bore on NGC Gear Boxes
  • General Wind Turbine Service
  • Consulting

work globally

Calaway Solutions prides itself on offering global reach and adaptability, ensuring we can be at your service wherever and whenever you need us. We recognize the significance of uninterrupted operations and prompt responsiveness in maintaining the efficiency and dependability of your renewable energy assets. Our team of experts is prepared to assist with maintenance, inspection, or environmental services, regardless of your company or equipment’s location. By choosing Calaway Solutions as your partner, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business and its green energy infrastructure will consistently operate smoothly, contributing to a thriving and sustainable future.

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